What is AUR and what is happening in Romania?

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#scoatebibliadinparlament (a hashtag translated to "remove the Bible from the Parliament") ¬ WHAT'S HAPPENING IN ROMANIA?

A political party named “AUR” is trying to ban being gay, being an immigrant and being an atheist. This political party is extremely disrespectful to people that believe in atheism. They try to push their xenophobic, sexist and homophobic beliefs by using Christianity and religion multiple times.


( Credit to @franzkarma on twitter for the following information, everything is written by them )

CONTEXT: A summary of AUR
AUR (partidul "Alianta pentru Unirea Romanilor" ¬ "Alliance for the Unity of Romanians" party) is a very new political party in Romania, founded in late 2019. They are self-proclaimed "radical" far-right, conservative, ultranationalist, and very keen on maintaining Orthodox Christian values in their politics. The leaders of this party are insanely misogynistic, racist, xenophobic, LGBT+phobic, etc.

A highly concerning aspect of the Romanian elections is that AUR ended up ranking as #3, essentially breaking into the Parliament. Despite being such a new and nearly unheard of party up until now, they managed to win the majority vote in multiple areas of Romania, and gained even more popularity on the Internet. The Romanian press is now starting to cover their activity, and they are growing a steadier number of supporters. After these events, it is likely that their popularity and number of voters will grow to a worrying extent in future elections. Things are unpredictable this early on, but if they keep gaining supporters, our country will essentially be doomed. Minorities are already treated HORRIBLY in Romania, but this would be the final straw in the battle for human rights.
Here's a short run-down of horrible things the AUR party believes in.

TW // pedophilia / misogyny / xenophobia / racism / homophobia / transphobia / religion ¬ christianity

So far, AUR:

>have openly expressed support for Donald Trump
>oppose "gender-ideology-based sexual education in schools"
>oppose "public-funded abortion and legal abortion-on-demand (except in medically warranted and other clearly-specified cases)". AUR supports "the rights of the unborn child"
>have STRONGLY opposed gay marriage and transition surgeries for transgender citizens, labeling them as "Freudo-Marxism-inspired 'innovations' meant to fluidize, relativize, and eventually abolish the traditional moral paradigm and the natural, biological realities."


>have labeled themselves as "the defenders of the Church"
>strongly oppose/condemn atheists or any citizen who does not abide by Orthodox Christian values, ultimately forcing religion into the Parliament

Their official website states:
"Atheism is an error caused by the arrogance of those who claim that an anthropocentrical view on the universe is superior to a theocentrical one. [...] A.U.R is opposed to the denigration of the clergy, slurring of religious symbols, and maligning the faithful who dare assume publicly their Christian commitment."


>have stated they are anti-mask, the senate leader (Sorin Lavric) stating in a Facebook post that masks are "worthless from a medical standpoint, and mutilation from a psychological standpoint"


The AUR Senate leader, Sorin Lavric, wrote in one of his books "Decoction of a Woman"

>"What a woman desires is for you to make her forget the precarious condition of her idiotic/insane composition"

>"I am not an admirer of the beautiful sex" (Note: the Romanian phrase "sexul frumos" is directly translated to "the beautiful sex", though it has no proper English translation. It's generally an even more misogynistic way of saying "female" since it tends to be used by men to further the idea of women being objects/having to be beautiful and submissive to men). "Admiration is the ab initio acknowledgement of a relationship that entails superiority [of women]: you admire someone because you view them as above you, whereas the woman can be desired at most, but should be in no way admired."

>"No man ever seeks intelligence nor depth from a woman. Whoever seeks philosophy will not find it in the mind of a woman. The woman's purpose is to be a muse, after she has stopped being a mere mistress."
"Since I am not interested in ranking vanities, it only makes sense for me to affirm that the struggle of abstract thinking is a prerogative meant solely for the male intellect."

>He vividly describes how he wanted to fondle women's breasts. I'm not going to translate that because it's insanely disturbing.

>HE CONFESSES TO ONLY BEING SEXUALLY/ROMANTICALLY INTERESTED IN WHAT HE NAMES "THE ADOLESCENT SPECIES" OF WOMEN AGED 15-25 DESPITE BEING 53 YEARS OLD. 15 YEAR OLDS. He also dedicates a lot of his book to "classifying" these women in various categories that are INSANELY misogynistic.

>"There's 3 situations in which the sight of a woman results in utter disgust: when she is taking care of her personal hygiene, when she is trying on clothes in the mirror, and when she is sitting on the table at the gynecologist".
Lavric writes that, to him, a woman at the gynecologist is "the most repulsive situation in which the 'feminine element' can end up in".

Due to the fact that AUR is a new party, and that they are only now gaining momentum in Romanian media, it's safe to assume this is only the tip of the iceberg in regards to their absolutely disgusting views, and that worse things will likely continue to be exposed as time goes on.

(written by @franzkarma)


Unfortunately, we cannot do anything about this. All we can do is spread awareness and spam AUR’s comment section on Instagram. PLEASE POST ABOUT #scoatebibliadinparlament (take the Bible out of the parliament or stop using the bible in the parliament) to spread awareness.